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The Game

Bad Bears: How to Build A Killer (TM)Will you be a blood thirsty killer? Or an innocent victim fighting for survival? Will you be the stalker, or the stalkee? Will you be able to survive the battle of tooth and claw, knife and gun, screwdriver and frying pan? Will the beets be your undoing? Will Monkey ever get his revenge?Bad Bears: How to Build a Killer(TM) is a game of danger, cunning, imagination, betrayal, and the evil that lurks in the hearts of m...err, Bears. Are you equal to the challenge? Roll the dice, draw your cards, and find out.

About Us

Loria and Scott Chaddon,

Game Creators

Wandering Wolf Press, LLC is a a new Indie publishing company. We are presently working on multiple projects, the most fun being Bad Bears: How to Build a Killer(TM). Our other projects are a Dark Fiction Literary Magazine: Blindfolds and Broken Dreams(TM), Readiness Magazine(TM), Activism Today(TM), and Comedic Literature Journal, A Lighter View(TM).